Emma Smith

How To Make Soap

With the help of the following instruction, you’ll be able to make one kilo of the incredibly beautiful melt and pour soap called “Aloha”.


  • 450 ml. of white soap base;
  • 450 ml. of crystal soap base;
  • 5 g. of “Coral” colourant;
  • 5 g. of “Shamrock green” colourant;
  • A flexible mold in the form of a star;
  • Coconut essential oil;
  • Essential oil “Tropical holiday”.


Cut the soap base into squares of 2.5 cm thickness. Put the soap base into a thermal insulation container and melt the base in a microwave oven. Melt the bases in intervals of 30 seconds until they melt down completely. It is really thanks to the technology of melting down the bases that we can call the soap “melt and pour”. As soon as the soap gets liquid, mix all the essential oils in a teaspoon.  The essential oils need to be mixed at the proportion of 1:1. As a result, you’ll get just a fantastic tropical mixture. The aromatic mixture is to be applied to the melt and pour soap at the rate of 5 – 10g. for 450 ml. of the soap. In our case we deliberately use the minimum amount of oils so that not to overdo with it. Now we have already melted down the base and applied aromatic oil to it.

As soon as the aromatic oil fully dissolves into the soap base, we need to add colourants and thoroughly blend the whole mixture. You’ll need to add the colourants in small amounts because usually the result is not seen right away. It is advised that you add 1/8 of teaspoon with a colourant for 450 ml. of the soap. Still, if you want to make the soap brighter, go ahead. Here you’ll have a chance to show how creative you are! “Coral” and “Shamrock green” are fat – soluble colourants so, if you don’t want any spots to appear on your soap, you’ll need to add them right after you added and mixed aromatic oils. Yet, someone may like such a “spotty design” – the soap will look really unique. Now we need to pour the mixture into the flexible mold.

Having poured the mixture into the flexible mold, you can now use all means that come at hand so that to make the soap more unique, decorate it with beautiful patterns or flowery ornaments. Working with “melt and pour” soap is quite easy, it’s unlikely that you’ll face difficulties in that. Before you take the soap out of the flexible mold, make sure that it has cooled down and hardened.

Now our beautiful “”Aloha” soap is ready!


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