Hailey Parker

How To Make A Soap Dish

Plastic soap dish is easy to use, as it is lightweight and highly washable. You can make a soap dish of any colour and shape using plastics.

You will need:

  • oven-bake clay;
  • clear pocket;
  • vinyl fabric;
  • straw;
  • scissors;
  • rolling pin;
  • roasting tin.


1. Wedge the clay and make a ball. You can mix several colours if you want. Damp the clear pocket and put the clay ball on it. It will be easier to detach clay this way. Squash it and cover with a dampened pocket, roll it out with a rolling pin so that it would have the needed dimensions. In this case the depth should be 2-3 mm.

2. Remove the upper pocket, cover the clay with a vinyl fabric so that the relief side down to print the pattern on the clay. To make the pattern clear, roll out the fabric with great pressure.

3. Remove the fabric carefully. You can also cut some shapes using cake tins. Make a hope for water drain using a straw.

4. Remove the item from the underlying pocket, place the clay into a roasting tin and shape flounces. You can also use a cocotte or an ash tray. Bake it in the over the way it is stated in the manual. Leave it to cool in the oven.


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