Cora Simmons

How To Make Sea Glass

We won't collect glasses on the beach from beaten bottles which the sea have ground all corners to smoothness. We will go in the cunning way by means of the simple tool: we will make materials for needlework from glass. Let's make exact sea glasses from bottles.

So, we will start handmade on production of smooth glasses for needlework:

  • find color glasses, it can be: bottles, cans or any glass;
  • look for a concrete mixer. It is hard to find this unit, but it is possible. Look for on building, at country houses, and maybe in garages;
  • find means of protection: reliable clothes, glasses and gloves. Ah yes, a hammer.

The Recipe Of Preparation Of Glasses For Needlework

At first break glasses into small pieces, the size a little more than to you are necessary for a product. It is possible to do it in a bucket or a box. Be careful when dissecting fragments of glass not to be wounded with the jumping aside splinters.

Put in a concrete mixer:

  • about 1-2 kg of pieces of glass for needlework;
  • 0,5 kg of salt, possible sea;
  • about 5 liters of water;
  • 2 liters of coarse or small sand.

Start a concrete mixer and watch each hour at a condition of our fragments of glass.

Process of production of sea glass for needlework is very noisy, long, dirty. Though at desire to have such remarkable sea pieces of glass it is possible and to suffer 4 hours. Such sea fragments of glass can be used as material for needlework. For example, for production of jewelry, for soil in decorative artificial flowers, for registration of a photo of a frame, photo albums, decorative vases and bottles, glasses under handles and caskets for jewelry and even for soil in an aquarium.


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