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How To Make A Rope Ladder

A rope ladder is a very convenient adaptation. However, think of its acquisition usually already when it is necessary to climb on an attic or to go down in a hole. But it is better to think of it in advance. For example a rope ladder it is possible to order in the Klondike online store of the country and garden equipment. But more interesting and the cheapest way is to make it with one's own hands.

Materials And Tools

  • whetstones from wood for steps. Section of ideal whetstone makes 6x4 cm, length – 35 cm. They can be got in a hardware store. Though, it is possible to cut them from shanks for garden stock. It is possible to make steps of the branches suitable by the size which you will find in the next forest belt at all. Here the main thing – to remember that such part of a branch has to maintain the weight of the person (it is desirable also the adult too). Therefore strong and not rotten samples are necessary;
  • emery paper;
  • drying oil, antiseptic;
  • a rope with a diameter of section not less than 1,5 cm from strong soft fibers. Length of a rope has to be twice more, than length of a final product;
  • fastenings. It if the ladder is planned to be attached to a roof or a wall;
  • drill and drills.

Preparation For Work

1. Cut samples for steps of the necessary size.

2. Carefully grind each preparation by an emery paper.

3. Impregnate whetstones with an anti-septic tank and drying oil.

4. Drill openings from two parties in each step, receding from edge of 3-5 cm. In case you plan to make a ladder with application of sea knots, then openings aren't necessary.

5. For control of distance between steps make a sample: beat on a wide board two whetstones 10-12 cm of distance long between whetstones will serve as a basic sample and will simplify process of assembly of steps.

6. Cut a rope on two equal parts.

7. Tie on each part of a rope on strong knot from one end.

Production Process

At production of a rope ladder it is important to know that the ideal distance between steps for adults makes 30 cm, for children it is 25 cm.

1. Pass a rope throughout the drilled openings.

2. Fix it by strong knot through 25-30 cm from the beginning.

3. Repeat this operation through each 25-30 cm until the rope doesn't end.

4. On the top ends of ropes attach carbines that will facilitate to you further placement of a ladder.

5. Knot the lower ends of ropes among themselves.


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