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How To Make A Ladder Bracelet

The bracelet “Ladder” can be made with the help of elastic bands of the wonderful Rainbow Loom kit, ready it really resembles a ladder. Have you always wanted to do it? So, how lucky you are! There is how the “ladder” bracelet is made.

The Elastics Placement

1. Prepare the entire requisite. At first, you need to set the loom so that the red arrows were pointed aside from you.

For the bracelet you will need:

  • 48 edge elastic bands;
  • 14 bands for the middle row;
  • S/C- shaped clasp;
  • A hook.

2. Put on the edge elastic bands on perimeter of the loom, till you come to the starting point. When you reach lust but one peg, put on the last 2 bands in the direction to the central peg.

3. Now put these bands on, which are of the same color with the ones under them. Stop on the third raw from the end of the loom.

4. Put on the loom the middle raw of the elastic bands. Stop on the last peg of the central raw.

5. Make the upper elastic band, having folded it in the eight-curve, and then –in two, holding with your two fingers. Put in on the last place, where you laid the black band, but make sure that the red arrows are pointed at you.

How To Twist The Elastic Bands Into Loops

1. Turn the loom over, so that the red arrows are in front of you, and start twisting the central bands into loops. Get and hook the upper band up, and draw it forward to the next peg. Keep on doing that, till you reach the end of the central raw.

  • Add one more level of the diametrical elastic bands.
  • Add to the place, where you have started looms twisting one more upper band, which we will need, when the bracelet is finished.

2. Get ready to twist in loops the outer bands. Hook the band up, at which you have put the upper band on, drawing it to the left side peg.
When you come to the last peg draw the band to the centre.

Finishing The Bracelet

1. Get ready to take the bracelet out from the loom. Get the hook into the channel, where you twisted into loops the last elastic bands, and draw it to the left. Take a band and put it on the hook, drawing so that the both ends of the bend get on the hook. Move them to the thickest part.

2. With your fingers start pulling the bracelet off the loom accurately moving from one peg to another. This is how the bracelet must look.


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