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How To Make Clove Oil

Clove oil is used as house mean in some cases, such as rinsing of a throat by oil solution to cure an unpleasant smell from a mouth or quinsy, to help with barley, an ear pain, bruises and diarrhea. Though you can get oil in some natural food shops, you can also prepare one with several house ingredients at home.


1. Crush 1 tablespoon (6 g) of a fresh whole carnation in a mill for spices, the coffee grinder or pound in a mortar. Look at expiration dates, do not buy a carnation which was dried up a few years ago. The fresh carnation has a pungent, strong smell.

2. Process the whole carnation, but do not use a ground carnation because the ground carnation quickly spoils.

3. Cut out a circle in the center of the big coffee filter. Diameter has to be about 8 cm. You will use this small piece of the filter to contain a carnation.

4. Cut off a piece of a cotton rope. It has to be rather long that it was possible to knot (about 10 cm).

5. Scoop a spoon a ground carnation and put it in the center of the coffee filter.

6. Squeeze the sides of the coffee filter around to make a small sack.

7. Connect the closed ends a rope.

8. Pour 1/2 glasses (120 ml.) olive oil in the small jar similar to a jam-jar.

9. Put a sack of a ground carnation in bank with olive oil. Slightly stir up to bank that the sack completely plunged.

10. Tear off a small slice of aluminum foil to make a cover. Wrap up a foil round the top part banks, and then press a foil below edge to create a convex cover. It will hold oil or steam when heating.

11. Heat water in a double boiler on a plate. If you have no double boiler, heat water in a big pan and put one more pan, it is a little less, in a big pan. Bring water to boiling.

12. Deliver to bank in the top part of a double boiler or in a small pan.

13. Let bank is in a double boiler and it is heated within 45 minutes. From a double boiler will help to exhaust in oil soothing properties of a carnation.

14. Take out to bank with oil from a double boiler. Put it in a safe place at the room temperature.

15. Let clove oil be drawn with a carnation inside within 1 week. The more long you will give to a carnation is in oil, the stronger oil will be.

16. Take out a sack with a carnation.

17. By means of a pipette, use some drops of a clove analgetic on a wadded tampon. Apply it on painful a gum or the painful closed wounds.


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