Sydney Kim

Origami Envelope

Each person in the life repeatedly gives a card to close and native people, to friends and colleagues. And whether you seal them in envelopes? If yes, that for certain you also spend money and time for search and not the fact for envelopes that you entirely like their appearance. If this problem is familiar for you, then art of origami will allow you to make everything in the best way. And today we speak about the simplest origami envelopes.

The Simplest Origami Envelopes

Having made a beautiful envelope of origami with your own hands, you at once turn it into one more gift for the hero of the occasion. And, besides, remember, handwork how is now appreciated, and you will understand, whether it is necessary to do it. So, if it is necessary for you, we give you easy and clear schemes on production of envelopes of origami.

Scheme number 1. The simplest option of origami of an envelope. Work will manage to you in 1 sheet of paper and 2-3 minutes of time.

Scheme number 2. Here are three options of simple envelopes contain at once, but believe though they also are simple, it does not diminish them appeal at all. Working on each of options will manage also in one sheet of paper and several minutes of time.


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