Payton Mendoza

How To Make 3D Glasses

Just imagine the situation when you just can’t do without 3d glasses and there’s no way to get them. You can’t just buy them in a booth either. Nevertheless, if you want to watch some 3d pictures of films you can make the 3d glasses at home (anaglyph stereo glasses).

Take any available material. It may be some old glasses or some sunglasses; even a piece of plastic will do.

Take out the lenses.

Put the lenses on a film and circle it with a marker. After that, cut the new “lenses” out. You can use a nametag, a CD box or any other transparent plastic instead of the film.

Paint the left glass red from both sides.

Then paint the right glass blue from one side and green from the other.

The more even the paint is laid on the better you will see the stereo image. To make the coating even you can open the marker and squeeze the paint from it, or paint the glasses with the marker’s paint holder.

Wait for the paint to get dry and fix the “lenses” back to the frame. And don’t forget that the red glass is for the left eye and the blue and green glass is for the right eye.


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