Josephine Jimenez

How To Make A Canvas

Let me present you a master class, how to make a frame for canvas with your own hands at home.

So, we will need:

  • Lathes (I had two of 2-meter long);
  • Wood cement (I used “Jointer moment”);
  • A tape measure;
  • Abrasive paper;
  • A hummer;
  • A staple gun;
  • Staples;
  • Angle bars, screws.

1. Measure the length of our canvas frame – I had 180 cm.

2. The side faces I work up in the following way: get the two lathes together, and apply to them one more lath on the side and measure 100 cm.

3. Since the picture is big I made two vertical sticks additionally.

4. The saw ends I processed with abrasive paper from the butts, in order to smooth out the surface and remove the cuttings.

5. Then I put the frame to be on the floor.

6. Further I started with the lower left corner – put some wood cement and pressed, then processed this place with the staple gun from the both sides for more firmness.

7. Then I work up the bottom with wood cement and staple gun, keep on with the right corner, and process the top.

8. The frame for canvas is ready, I leave it to ripen.

9. For more reliability, screw the angle bars on the corners from the opposite side.


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