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How To Make Photo Album

You can’t stop the time. But you can save the happy moments of your life instead making a lot of photos. With the development of technology, fewer people print photos and gather them into albums. However, some pictures are worth printing and making an album for them with your own hands.

Book-Styled Photo Album

You will need the following:

  • white paper (30-100 sheets) depending on how many pictures you want to store;
  • thick cardboard (2 sheets) – for the cover;
  • colored paper of two kinds – different for the outer and for the inner sides;
  • a ribbon 6 mm wide and about half a meter long;
  • hole puncher;
  • white glue;
  • scissors;
  • a ruler;
  • binders.

Step 1. Lay the white paper in front of you. You will need 30 sheets of A4 white paper. You can use as many sheets for your album as you want.

Step 2. Prepare the cardboard sheets. Cut them so that they are of the same size as the white paper. Draw two vertical lines on one sheet of cardboard. One should be at 2.5 cm from the left edge, another one at 3.5 cm. Do the same to the second sheet of cardboard.

Step 3. Cut the strips (about 1 cm wide) using scissors or a knife.

Step 4. Cut two pieces of the colored paper for the cover’s decoration. Each piece should be 4 cm longer and wider than the white paper. Put one piece of colored paper with its wrong side up and draw lines around it 2 cm from the piece’s edges.

Step 5. Glue the cardboard to the colored paper. Make sure that the edges match the lines on the colored paper that you made at the previous step. Spread the glue all over the cardboard’s surface not just the corners. If you use thin colored paper, glue the paper, not the cardboard. Otherwise, the paper may tear. Do the same to the second sheet of cardboard.

Step 6. Wrap the colored paper’s corners and glue them. Then do the same to the loose edges.

Step 7. Cut out two pieces of colored paper for the inside of the cover. The pieces should be 1,5 cm narrower and shorter. Then glue the colored paper to the cover’s inside.

Step 8. Now make holes in order to bind all the parts of the album. Bind all the details and make two holes with the puncher: one at 4 cm from the top of the album, and the other one at 4 cm from the bottom edge.

Step 9. Now bind all the details with the ribbon. It should be six times longer than the albums’ height. For example, if your album is 15 cm, you’ll need a ribbon 90 cm long. Tie the ribbon as shown in the picture below.

When the album is ready, you can glue your photos in it.


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