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How To Make A Book Cover

You want to decorate a notebook, a book or a diary? There is nothing more simply - it is possible to make with own hands a cover, using simple rules and the imagination. You can also make a good cover for documents.

Here several ways how to make a beautiful cover with own hands - you can borrow some ideas, or just follow instructions and make the colourful cover.

A Cover For Notebooks From A Road Map

The following things are required to you:

  • 2 road maps or the atlas (it is possible to choose cards on which there are a lot of details painted in different colors);
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • adhesive tape;
  • double adhesive tape.

* Choose 1 map for horizontal strips and 1 map for vertical. It is necessary to cut so that after a book wrapping, you could read names, without overturning a cover.

1. Prepare each map, turn on a reverse side and a marker or a pencil note places where you will cut on strips.

* In this example width of each strip is 1,5 cm.

* Length of each strip has to be such that it was possible to wrap up a notebook from top to bottom (vertical strips) or from forward part to back (horizontal strips), considering a stock approximately in 2,5-3 cm of a notebook on each side.

2. After that, so you cut vertical strips, they need to be put exactly on a table and to press something heavy that they didn't move.

3. Begin to weave horizontal and vertical strips.

4. When you have weaved enough to wrap up a notebook, paste to the lower part of preparation an adhesive tape so that it was possible to bend it in the opposite direction.

Repeat the same with the top party of preparation.

5. Time to cover a notebook with a cover has come. For a start paste over a notebook with a double adhesive tape.

6. Accurately put a notebook on a cover and wrap up her. Press well.

7. Trim the edges. You can glue (if necessary) in some places strips.

Cover By Own Hands. Instagram Notebook.

The following things are required to you:

  • photos from Instagram;
  • glue (special glue for a decoupage is better);
  • brush;
  • notebook or notebook.

1. Print out photos of the small size.

2. Cut out photos.

3. Spread out them to notebooks as it is pleasant to you more.

4. Grease each photo with glue from a reverse side and paste to a notebook or a notebook.

5. If you used glue for a decoupage, you can spread with him the pasted photos that they became a little brilliant. It's better to put it only in one direction.

6. Leave glue for a decoupage to dry then you can paste a ribbon and write on it something - for example, your name.


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