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How To Make Paper People

Spending time on making handmade can be fun and easy. This is a great opportunity to gather everyone and to indulge into creative process together. One of the most fun and symbolic handmade ideas for spending time together is a creation of the paper people chain. Using a few necessary tools and following simple instructions, you will be able to create this amazing decoration in school class or in family circle.

How To Make Chain From Identical Paper People

1. Start by cutting a long paper stripe. Its length is up to you: the longer the stripe will be, the more paper people you can make of it. You can try folding the paper and cutting stripes along fold lines for maximum accuracy. Ruler can also help you to cut a stripe of a necessary length with maximum accuracy.

2. Fold the paper in zigzag shape to receive a rectangle as a result. Try to make folds as straight as possible.

3. Draw a silhouette of a person in a center of rectangle. You can draw it by hand or use a stencil. Draw a little man with hands, feet and legs; try to make the lines sharp and clear.

4. Cut the little man out. Cutting allows you to correct any flaws of a drawing, but you have to do this very carefully: you don’t want to tear the chain, after all.

5. Unfold the paper stripe slowly: as a result, you’ll receive a chain of people holding hands.

6. Add final details to the decoration. Paper people chain looks good on its own, but you can still use markers, pencils and chalks to draw people’s faces. You can also use creative approach and draw them different clothes, add stickers or glitters.

How To Create A Chain Of Different Paper People

1. Cut a long paper stripe: this time it has to be wider, as you’ll need more place to draw.

2. Fold the stripe in zigzag shape and try to make the folds as straight as possible.

3. Draw a half of a little man. His body and head should be positioned on an edge of the rectangle and his hand should be positioned right in the middle of a paper. Be sure that you are strictly following our guide. You can use a ruler to daw the dividing line in the middle of rectangle or use a stencil.

4. Draw another little man on an opposite side of the rectangle. This little man can look completely differently. For example, you can try drawing a girl in a dress: half of her head and body has to be positioned on an opposite side of a rectangle. Her hand has to end in the middle of rectangle and to be directed towards other little man’s hand. Their hands have to touch.

5. Cut the figures out. When you cut them, pay attention to their hands: they should remain connected.

6. When you unwrap the paper, you should receive a chain of boys and girls holding hands. The chain has to be alternated: boy-girl, boy-girl.


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