Charlie Burke

Broomstick Crochet

It may seem that all knitting techniques are well known and quite ordinary, but in reality, every land and country has its own ways of creating beautiful knitted things. For example, Peru is a motherland country of an interesting knitting technique, which is known in Europe as “broomstick”.

To knit things in this technique, you’ll have to use short crochet along with thick knitting needle (that same “broomstick”) at the same time. As a result, you will receive a pattern that reminds the one with extended loops. You have to start knitting with a crochet.

First row is a chain of air loops. It length equals the desirable length of the thing you’re knitting (plus 4 more loops for the lift).

In a second row you have to knit 4 air loops for the lift and then pull a long loop from every next one with the crochet, throwing it on a thick knitting needle.

In a third row you have to start by knitting 4 loops, then raise them with crochet, then pick up 3 loops together from a knitting needle with crochet and knit them in 3 rows without throwing them up. All row of pulled out loops is knitted this way.

Starting from a fourth row, we knit the same way as we did in first one.

You can create scarves, bags and vests with the help of this technique. One of the biggest advantages of Peruvian knitting is the speed of knitting, small amount of wool used and low chances of deformation of the items.


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