Isabelle Gutierrez

How To Draw Dipper Pines

This lesson focuses on the Disney movie "Gravity Falls". You will draw the main character, that’s why the lesson is called “How to draw Dipper in stages with a pencil”.

Draw the two eyes, first draw the first circle, then the second one to the right, but the second circle is not complete, it intersects with the first one. Next, exactly in the middle of each circle, draw small pupils, nose, mouth, and then the upper and lower part of the face, as well as the ear.

Draw the cap and the eyebrows, then the hair. Erase the part of the head, which is not visible under the cap and the hair.

Draw the body. You can start with the back line, and then draw the feet and the hands, complete the palm of the second hand, the part of the vest and the pants.

Erase the unnecessary lines, so it is similar to the picture, and continue to draw the second part of the vest, the t-shirt (its neck, bottom and sleeves), as well as socks and sneakers. You still need to draw a Christmas tree on the cap, and a Dipper from “Gravity Falls” is ready.


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