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Wooden Shelves On Wall

Wall shelves help to organize many things in the room and to unload its lower part. They are suitable both for kitchen, for living room and for bedroom. Today we’re going to learn how to make interesting wall shelves with our own hands.

Equipment And Materials

We are going to create interesting hexagonal decorative wall shelves. For this we will need some planks of desired thickness (thickness depends on what will be placed on the shelves: for example, if you are going to put flower pots on them, you’ll need a thick plank, and if you are going to put photo frames on them, you’ll need a thin one), a grinder machine, a centimeter or a ruler, a glue (that can be used for wood), a glue gun, a pencil, some metal corners and a screwdriver.

A pine wood is the best suitable for planks: it is easy to work with, its texture is beautiful and noble, so it’ll look good even if it’s not painted (simple polish can reveal all the beauty of this wood). Before you start working, you should sand the planks carefully, then paint or lacquer them if necessary.

How To Make Shelves

First, we have to measure an angle at which we will cut our plank. It has to be 60°: in this case the details will be attached close to each other during the assembling.

Then we have to mark this angle on a plank with the help of a pencil and use the grinder machine to saw a plank into the desired number of parts – there should be 6 of them for our shelf. This is very important part of the process as even a smallest miscalculation in the angle measurement can lead to misalignment of the parts and ruin the whole piece.

We receive the following detail of our future shelf as a result.

Then we start assembling our shelves. To do so, you have to fasten the metal corners to the wall with the help of a screwdriver: our shelves will hang on them. If the shelves are going to be used for light-weighted items, one corner for the main shelf will be enough. But if they are going to be used for heavy items, it’s better to strengthen every shelf with two corners.

We have to use glue to assemble a hexagonal shelf. Then we have to attach the top plank to a corner on the wall. You can ensure that it is attached correctly with the help of the level instrument. Remember: you have to think about the weight that will be put on a finished shelf. If the weight is going to be big, attach another metal corner to the construction.

Our support shelf is ready and now we can attach other shelves to it, creating the honeycomb pattern. It’ll look amazing on a wall.

After the final installation is done, we can decorate wall shelves. We can use decoupage technique for it, for example, or we can decorate each shelf with a lace napkin. After we finish the decoration process, we can put various items on the shelves (like books, flowers or souvenirs).


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