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How To Make A Lamp

It's very sad that in the majority of flats there are identical lampshades hanging from the walls. The only thing that’s different about them is their price. Lampshades are a part of the interior. Not many people think of how radically the way their room looks will change if they just make the lamp in it a bit different. Look at the unusual and stylish idea that we have here. Everyone who’ll like it is able to make this idea come true on his/her own.

Materials you’ll need:

  • A hanging basket for flowers. Probably, a metal ornamental flowerpot;
  • A sisal rope that is used for decorative handcrafted items;
  • A socket rectangular strap;
  • White aerosol spray paint for metal;
  • A mini hanger to hang the lampshade once it’s ready.

The Process Of Creating A Lampshade

1. We need to fasten the rectangular strap to the bottom of the metal ornamental flowerpot. The bottom of the flowerpot is going to be an upper part of the lampshade. Most often, the bottom looks like a grille, where a number of metal sticks are crossed with each other. With the help of cutting nippers make a hole of a required size and then fasten the strap to this place. To fasten the strap, you can also use a hot-glue gun. Don’t worry about the bracing not being able to cope with the load. In fact, there won’t be any load. We use a hot-glue gun only to connect the pieces of our construction.

2. Colouring comes on the next stage. It’d be better to colour our metal frame, that is, in fact, the basis of our new lampshade, with a special paint used for metal surfaces. Here are 2 reasons why you should do it: 1) Firstly, in case the frame shines through a layer of the sisal rope, it won’t attract much attention and catch the eye, especially if the lampshade hanger is also colored in white. 2) Secondly, the paint will protect the metal from humidity. For example, in case the lampshade is hanged in the kitchen or any other place with high humidity.

3. Now we start weaving the basket. In order to do it you need to carefully get the sisal rope through the ornamental flowerpot. Do it in one direction. The layer of the rope may be thick and its weaving may be tough. In this case you’ll need a lot of the sisal rope. If you want to make the weaving looser, you may use less rope. The main point here is how you want your lampshade look in the end. You may weave in one direction or change it from time to time if you want.

4. Having finished the weaving, tie the rope inside in a tight knot. You should fasten the ends of the sisal rope the same way, if you start using a new hank of rope.

5. Fasten the hanger with the cord to the strap on the “lid” of the lampshade. This way you’ll be able to fasten the lampshade on the ceiling.

That’s all! Fasten the lampshade and enjoy the result you’ve got!


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