Serenity Cook

How To Make A Wand

The greatest wish of every young wizard is to get his own wand and go to Hogwarts School. Do you still believe that your owl just got lost somewhere? It does not matter! You can get your wand without traveling to Ollivander. Despite the fact that the wand will not be able to choose you, it will be a great addition to the newly acquired magician costume. There are several ways to make a magnificent magic wand.


1. Cut the branch from the tree, making sure that it has the proper length and width (please refer to Advices).

2. Carefully chip the stick with a knife, making it thinner towards the tip. You can round off the tip of the wand so it will not hurt the eyes.

3. Make the handle (it is not necessary) by drawing a line above and below the place where you take the wand with your hand, then cut off or grind the wood with the sandpaper in these parts.

4. If desired, apply hot glue stick to create a certain design. Try a spiral, dots and stripes.

5. Paint the wand. You can use brown color or the closest substitute of it. You can also take a black, grey or red color. You can use markers to decorate the wand with a mixture of colors if you wish. There is also a variant of decoration: take the glue with glitter and put the metallic paint above it, so the wand will stand out. The paint also gives greater durability to it and makes it good-looking.


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