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How To Make Snow

Snow is one of the immutable attributes of the New Year. Unfortunately, not every New Year's Day you can see the snow-covered streets. To fix this little problem, you can use artificial snow. It will create in your house a festive atmosphere and give your children a lot of joy and fun.

Formerly, as an artificial snow conventional cotton was used. The Christmas tree, windows, furniture, etc. were decorated by it. Today, artificial snow can be made with your own hands from very different materials, and you can even reach the maximum similarity to the true one, if desired.

Snow From Foam Or Polyethylene Packaging

If you need just a decoration, snow can be made from packaging materials – foam or polyethylene foam, in which fragile items are often wrapped. This snow is well suited for decorating, for example, Christmas trees, balls, sticks, window sills, Christmas compositions, etc. To do it, simply grate one of the materials.

Incidentally, the foam may be crushed by a fork: place it on a hard surface and scrape it by sharp teeth.

Artificial Snow From Paraffin And Talc

Purchase a few simple paraffin candles. Carefully remove the fuse from them and grate. After add thereto talc or baby powder and mix well.

Snow From Diapers

Good homemade snow comes out of diapers. It is very similar in consistency to natural one, therefore suitable not only for decoration but also for games. From it you can easily make a clump of snow, snowman and even Santa Claus.

To make artificial snow, remove the filler from a few diapers and place it in a bowl or other suitable container. First, add to the mass a glass of water, let it soak in and then stir. If the mixture is rather dry, pour a little bit more of water and stir again. Do this until you get a mass of suitable consistency. The main thing is do not go overboard with the addition of water, or your artificial snow will be too liquid. Having prepared a mass, give it brew for a couple of hours so that the moisture is completely absorbed and the gel is swelled well. But so that the snow is the most similar to the true one, you can put it in the fridge.

Snow From A Toilet Paper

To fabricate snow, suitable for modeling of different figures, it can also be made of white toilet paper and white soap. To do this, break into small pieces a couple of rolls of toilet paper and place it in a container for microwave oven, also put there a bar of soap. Place the container in the microwave oven for a minute, during this time periodically check the contents. After such heating the mass will become fluffy and brittle. Add to it first a glass of water and stir, if the snow comes out dry, add a little more of water.


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