Riley Phillips

How To Draw A Baby Dragon

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to draw a baby dragon.

Step 1. Let’s start with drawing two shapes. One is for the baby dragon’s head and the other is for his torso. Add a curved line that will be his neck and outline his arms.

Step 2. Now detail the head and add some features to the face: draw an open mouth and short horns on the back of his head.

Step 3. In this step we will outline the baby dragon’s neck. Add two curved lines in the bottom part of his head and two arched lines that will represent his shoulders.

Step 4. Draw the eggshell edges with crack lines. Add his fingers that should be chubby with pointed fingertips.

Step 5. Draw baby dragon’s eyes. Add a wide-open eye with a pupil and add some wrinkles both above and underneath the eye. Draw a nostril and a small horn in the upper part of his nose. Now draw a tongue in his open mouth, which should look like flames of fire.

Step 6. What are we going to do in this step? We will sketch both wings of the baby dragon. Start with drawing ribbed bones and then add the membrane connecting them. Finish with adding spikes, one on the top of each wing.

Step 7. Here we need to draw the baby dragon’s neck turned to the side. We will draw a curved line dividing the neck in two parts. Add a few folds on his neck. Then draw cuticles on his fingers and talon.

Step 8. Now move to the tail of your baby dragon. Detail the skin texture and make the end of the tail sharp. Then add spikes running down the centre of the tail.

Step 9. Now we are about to finish. Draw the eggshell: draw an ellipse and cover it with crack lines. Then add belly lines.

This was our final step. You can keep it as a pencil sketch or add some colour. Good luck with your creative endeavours!


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