Camila Hill

How To Draw A Goblin

Step 1. Begin as always with a stickmen - a man made with the sticks, intended to mark the initial proportions. We draw a stickman in order to select the location of our character on the sheet of paper and sketch its pose.

Steps 2. Now draw the upper part of the clothes covering the stickman’s shoulders. The hood should be on the head, but it should not fit loose, and the cloak will wave in the wind.

Step 3. Refine the fabric of the Green goblin’s cloak. Although the cloak looks baggy, it repeats the contours of the stickmen. The only thing that you should draw separately is a long piece of cloth covering his left hand. However, it is quite easy to do with few curved lines, as it’s long and narrow and waves in the wind. At this step, draw the main face features, the horn and lines of the animal-like hands and feet.

Step 4. At this step start to refine the head. Draw additional creases on the hood and a malicious face (attention to the demon’s facial features). Note that the creases on the hood should show that it hides the horns.

Step 5. As you can see, the wind is blowing from behind, that’s why the piece of the cloak on his shoulders has a lot of folds - the wind literally blows them in the hood. We need to achieve this effect drawing folds - just copy our drawing accurately and let’s go further.

Step 6. Now refine the bandaged forearms, the cloak and the hands. Note the position of the bony, massive hands — the right hand is about to lean on the surface while the left one is about to shrink into a fist.

Step 7. Draw the right leg and part of the cloak covering it. Note that the goblin is squatting straddling the legs, the cloak fits very tight on the right bandaged leg.

Step 8. Shade the shaded areas of the body and cloth in a soft pencil. We made it in rough strokes to imitate the comics’ style. As a result, you should get the Green goblin.


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