Jordyn Mcdonald

How To Make A Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit flies are not so terrible and at the same time very unpleasant. Many of you constantly fight flies. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. There are hundreds of different traps and many of them look extremely awful like those sticky tapes. Nevertheless, you can easily solve this problem as well if you make a fruit fly trap with your own hands.

The design is as easy as can be. You can make the trap very quickly. Prepare the following:


  • paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • a pen;
  • a pair of compasses;
  • a color printer;
  • a glass;
  • juice;
  • liquid soap.

Step 1. Edit a picture according to the parameters in the photo. Print the image. You may choose any fruit. Thus, the trap won’t cause any discomfort.

Step 2. Cut out the pattern. Draw the folding line on the flip side of the pattern. Draw it several times, so you can see the same line from the other side of the piece of paper. Fold the blank and glue its corners. You should have a cone now.

Step 3. Pour some juice in a glass, or in a jar, or in any other vessel, which will attract flies. Add a drop of the liquid soap. It is necessary not to leave any chances to make it out for the flies that got into the liquid. You don’t need to add more than one drop, otherwise its scent may kill the smell of the bait.

Step 4. Cover the vessel with the cone and leave the trap in the room where there are flies. Change the bait from time to time.


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