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How To Make A Treehouse

30 May 2016
Maria West
Maria West

It can be both a children's lodge, and the adult place under a crown. How to build the beautiful house on a tree - about it the speech will go today. Materials for work - boards, a hacksaw, nails. In a word, a standard set for construction.

1 - installation of beams

The tree is chosen and beams from boards are mounted. How to make it on a concrete tree - up to you. Here only ideas and the approximate description of work are given. We will leave the place for creativity.

2 - temporary supports

In order that the perimeter of future floor hasn't fallen and has been accurately leveled across, it will be required to be recorded temporarily by means of support.

3 - diagonal basic beams

Until temporary supports stand, it will be required to establish constant diagonal support. On a photo it is shown how to realize fastening to a tree and to a floor framework.

4 - flooring on a framework

The following stage - flooring on a lodge framework. In advance choose the space for future hatch for an entrance. Cut a tree trunk with some stock, considering his growth in width.

5 - installation of walls

Installation of walls will be the following step. Assembly of walls has to be carried out on the ground, and installation of already ready designs - in the place. A back wall in this lodge the deaf, and on all others about one small window is made. The forward wall was put not end-to-end to an edge, and with a space under a verandah.

6 - top beams and roof

Installation of rafters and beams for a verandah became the final stage. On rafters throw a leaf of OSB, and from above cover with roofing material.

7 - hatch door

It was necessary to fit a hatch door.

8 - a door on a verandah and an entrance ladder

Also don't forget to establish a door on a verandah and an entrance ladder from the earth to a lodge on a tree.

9 - handrail

Installation of beams for a handrail, and then an lathing will be touch-up.

10 - you can invite guests and children

All job is done! And how many pleasure. It is realization of children's dream of a lodge in the secluded place. Any child dreams of such lodge in a crown. If you have children, then please them with such headquarters. And if there are no children, then invite friends in this nest, or spend time with the loved one there.