Destiny Black

Crochet Scrubbies

To crochet a scrubby you’ll need polypropylene thread (you can buy them in your local hardware store) and a crotchet number 2. It is not difficult to crochet a scrubby: one row of single crochets, one row of extended loops.

So let’s begin. Get the thread like this:

Cast on 56 chain stitches (it seems to be the best width for a scrubby).

Enclose it in a ring (Be attentive! Don’t make it kink).

Then crochet four rows of single crochets.

Crochet the next row of extended loops.

Keep on knitting until the end.

Crochet the next row of single crochets, crochet 14 rows (7 rows of single crochets, 7 rows of extended loops).

Then cut the thread, draw the ends to the face side and tie a thread of different color.

Crochet the same way (7 rows of single crochets, 7 rows of extended loops).

Keep on knitting this way until it’s done.

You made the last row of extended loops. now complete the scrubby with 3 rows of double crochets.

Now make the handles. Do not cut the thread. Cast on 65 chain stitches (it is the best length for the handles, so it won’t stretch out too much with time) and tie it on the opposite side. Then knit 2 rows of single crochets (back and forth). Many people knit handles of double crochets but they stretch out too soon and tear. The handle is done.

Make the second one similarly.


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