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How To Make A Sharpie Tattoo

If you want to experiment with body art, but are afraid to make a real tattoo, a sharpie tattoo is just for you. You can make a sharpie tattoo at home, using the materials at hand and some things from the store. Learn three different ways to make sharpie tattoos yourself: using eyeliner, stencil sheet and printing paper.

Tattoo With The Help Of An Eyeliner

1. Devise a tattoo design. To get a good result, think over the picture in advance, and practice drawing on paper, before drawing on your skin. Using an ordinary pencil, sketch out your ideas on paper, remembering the following:

2. Select an eyeliner. Go to a beauty shop and buy a normal eyeliner, the one that you want to sharpen. Choose a pencil without gloss and without oil, so that it lasts longer on your skin.

3. Draw a picture of your choice using a eyeliner. Spend a little time, but make sure that the picture is fully consistent with what you want. If you are unhappy with the result, wash the picture off and apply it again.

4. Apply on top of the tattoo a little hairspray. The components of a hairspray which fix the hair, will help your tattoo to last a few hours. No need to apply a liberal amount of hairspray on the picture, sprinkling it a bit will be enough.

5. Wash off the picture. Your tattoo can last a whole day before it starts to fade. It would be easy to wash it off with a soap and warm water. You might want to wash away completely the tattoo before going to bed, so as not to stain the sheets.

Tattoo With The Help Of A Stencil Sheet

1. Make a stencil sheet. You can make a professional-looking sharpie tattoos using a prepared stencil sheet, rather than relying on your ability to draw. Choose the design of your future tattoo, draw it on paper or cardboard and cut it with a small pair of scissors.

2. Buy permanent markers. Use one or more colors for your stencil sheet. Black is the best option, if you want the tattoo to look like a real one. Other colors will add a bit of variety.

3. Apply the tattoo. Attach the stencil sheet to the part of the body where you want to get a tattoo. With one hand hold the stencil sheet to remain in place, and with another one paint your drawing by the marker. Then remove the stencil sheet and let the ink dry.

4. Wash off the tattoo. When you get bored of your sharpie tattoo, it will be easy to wash it off with a soap and warm water.


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