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How To Make A Purse

If you need such accessory as a purse, then read this article and learn how to make it from fabric.

So, the following tools and materials will be necessary for you for production of one cosmetics bag purse from fabric:

  • a piece of the main fabric for appearance the size 12,5cm x 24 of cm;
  • piece of lining fabric, size 12,5 cm x 24 cm;
  • piece of fabric same as lining, size 7,5 cm x 4,4 cm;
  • sewing machine;
  • ruler;
  • a marker which is dissolved in water or a simple pencil;
  • a lightning, 17,5 cm long (it is possible to use a lightning and the bigger size, but is what I had);
  • buttons or flypapers.

For simplification of work it would be good to have at itself a rug for creativity, a mill or a stationery knife.

Production Process:

At first cut off fabric on three parts, 12,5 x 8,75 cm; 12,5 x 8,75 cm and 12,5 x 6,25 cm (for an external pocket)

Then cut lining fabric on four parts, 12,5 x 8,75 cm in size; 12,5 x 8,75 cm and 12,5 x 6,25 cm (for an external pocket). Also measure and cut out lining fabric, with the size of 12,5 x 5 cm.

Put lengthways in half lining fabric with the size 12,5x 5 cm. Draw a figure in the form of a rectangle with the curved lower side similar to a semicircle. Perhaps, it will be difficult to draw such figure because of her small sizes. Therefore, have patience. Cut it out with scissors and sew edges on the sewing machine. Turn out on the face, having used a pencil. Perhaps, it will be difficult to turn out such figure because of her small sizes. Therefore, have patience. Attach the button to roundish edge. It will be cuffs – ornament for a cosmetics bag.

Take a piece of fabric, 12,5 x 6,25 cm in size, put inside lengthways the lying edges of fabric, and then once again put in half, as shown in drawing. Well smooth them.

Put a piece of the main fabric with a piece of lining fabric (with the size of 12,5 x 8,75 cm) seamy side together. From above apply, equaling on one edge, the fabric prepared, put by folds seamy side up. Record it pins or tack.

On the sewing machine sew all fold materials. By the way, the seam has to go lengthways at small distance from edge.

Throw other edge of the top fabric with folds on the face, the material too much sewed and sew it with the sewing machine. And surely sprain edge at a line.

Now take cuffs made early. Put it on the middle of the face of a cosmetics bag.

Then take a lightning, apply it seamy side to edge of the face of the put details and a sew by means of the sewing machine.

Then put two pieces of fabric: the main and lining, seamy sides together also apply them to seamy side of a snake. Sew them by means of the sewing machine.

As a result  at this fabrication stage the seamy side of a cosmetics bag has to look as it is shown in drawing.

The cosmetics bag face at this fabrication stage has to look as it is shown in this drawing.

Now the sewing machine sew edges of a product, laying a seam parallel to edge, at distance of 1-, 1,5 cm. Don't forget to leave a small opening in pro-masonry fabric, i.e. small distance between seams that the product could be turned out on the face.

Turn out a cosmetics bag and sew on the sewing machine an opening on cushioning fabric.

Place cushioning fabric in the middle of a cosmetics bag and straighten it.

Close a cosmetics bag on a lightning and on the button. That's it! The purse from fabric is ready!


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