Ariel Woods

How To Make A Dry Erase Board

Large white boards are very convenient, but they tend to cost a lot. You can make such a board yourself for around 15-20$.

Transparent Board

1. Determine the size of your board. It can be any size (it’s up to you). Sheets of material that you will use, have different sizes, for example, 120 x 240 cm (47 x94 inches), so you can use several sheets (if you want to make a big whiteboard).

2. Buy melamine sheet at a hardware store. Melamine is a fiberboard sheet that has a hard plastic coating on one side. Sometimes melamine sheets are designed to look like tile. This can help you if you need to draw squares on your board, but typically, this pattern is unnecessary. Choose a smooth surface, as it better to write on and wipe off more easily.

3. If you want to make a transparent board use Plexiglas or "Lexan"- it’s a more thin polymer material. You can buy them in almost any hardware shop or home improvement shop. Better use Lexan because it is approximately two times thinner than Plexiglas, and more resistant. It is a bit more expensive than Plexiglas, but it weigh less, does not shatter when drilling and has a beautiful glossy finish.

4. Note that the board is very thin, about of 5-6 mm thick, so it is flexible. It won’t be a problem, if you attach the board directly to a wall. If you want to move your board around, glue it to backer sheet (for additional stability).

5. If you need a board smaller than the 120 x 240 cm size, cut it. If you don’t have the necessary tools to do it tool, this can be done for you in a lumberyard or in a hardware store. If you want to trim the board yourself, do it slowly, otherwise you may damage the material.

6. Take glue, nails, hooks and other materials to hang your board (no matter what you are using to attach the board to the wall, it’s up to you). If you don’t need to move your board around, glue/screw/nail it to the wall, if you want to be able to move it- use hooks.


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