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How To Make A Beehive

Before we start to make a beehive, let’s determine its size.

1.1. Internal dimensions 450 * 450 mm.

1.2. The distance from the inner wall to the frame must be approximately 8 mm.

1.3. The distance from frame to frame is 12-13 mm.

1.4. The width of the frame is 25 mm.

1.5. The distance from the bottom to the lower bar of the frame is 15-20 mm.

1.6. The distance from the upper bar of the frame to the lower bar of the standing on it honey super’s frame is 10 mm.

2. You can use a well-dried 40 mm thick board made of resinous wood for your hive manufacturing. In order to make your board even, process it with a surface gauge. The board must be 35 mm thick.

Assemble the sides and the bottom of the hive made out of a matchboard using wood glue. In order to make your hive stronger, you can hold them in clamps.

3. Given the standard internal dimensions of the hive of 450 x 450mm, we will get the necessary length of our work piece.

3.1. Using the formula of 35+35+450, we calculate the distance between the back and front sides, given that 35 is the thickness of the board.

3.2. Using the formula of 20+20+450, given that 20 mm is the depth of the front and backsides’ rabbet to which we will attach the side board.

3.3. Attach the bottom to the backboard and the sideboards’ rabbet. The bottom of the hive should be 3-5 cm beyond the front board.

4. Make two bee entrances on the front side. Dimensions: height 10 mm, length not less than 250 mm. Make the second bee entrance 70mm lower than the upper corner of the front side. It should have a circular or a slit form.

5. Manufacture one or two supers, which fit the frame of 435 * 145 mm.

As you can see, it isn’t very hard to make a DIY beehive, everybody is able to make it. If your first try is not very successful, don’t give up, it will be better next time.


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