Kendall Wells

How To Make A Bench

A garden is not only a place to work hard, but also a good location to have a nice rest and relax. You are going to love the shadow of trees and the aroma of flowers even more if you make a bench for your garden yourself. And now you are going to see that it is not difficult at all to construct a nice garden bench. There are some popular projects described in details for you.

A Bench With A Cozy Back Support

Have a look at the first project. As you can see, you are going to make a bench with back support. This one may take 3-4 hours. You need to prepare: 2 planks 1.5 m. long (not too thin slab will do) and at least 30 cm wide; 2 bars 1.2 m. (10Х15 thick); 2 bars 70 cm. wide (15Х20 cm thick); a hammer; some nails, a shovel and a level.

You can start it the following way:

1. Dig 2 holes 40-50 cm. deep. If the ground is moving you can put in the holes some gravel or crushed stones.

2. Connect the bars and legs at the angle of 300 to form the back support. It is important to make the angle equal at both sides. Polish the bottom (which will be dig in the ground) with tar or mastic.

3. Then dig the legs with the inclined bars in the ground. Level the legs and make the seat and the support even.

4. The only thing left to do is to arrange the seat and the back support. If you picked ordinary planks you just need to nail them to the bars. But if you got slab planks you’ll have to prepare them first making notches on the bars.


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