Paige Castillo

How To Make A Diaper Baby

For any child there will be enough 15-20 diapers, they can be erased and used again. The gauze or cotton fabric cut on squares about 90х90 cm or rectangles of 90х180 cm will be costumeable for self-made diapers. Only don't forget fabric to wash previously even if it new and just from packing. Two options of folding of a diaper will be costumeable for kids of the first months of life.

Rectangular diaper. Put a gauze piece several times that the rectangle has turned out. Sprain one long end of the turned-out rectangle. This put end at girls will be from a back, and at boys – in front. Pass the second end which you didn't sprain at the child between legs. The diaper is ready.

Kerchief diaper. Take a piece of cotton fabric or a gauze the sizes of 90х180 cm and put in half, and then obliquely. At us similarity of a kerchief will turn out. Put the kid on the middle of this kerchief and between his legs pass the lower end of a diaper. And cover with the side ends a tummy at each other. That's all. Only don't tie that knots didn't cause discomfort in the child and nothing was squeezed.

These two options for children about three months can be used together, alternating them every other day.

And the third option can use, doing a diaper for the child of 4-5 months. For children of this age several other laying is used already. Put a diaper from fabric of 90х180 cm that the rectangle with sizes of 90х45 cm has turned out. After that lay it between children's legs. Such diaper is convenient that it quietly allows the child to turn over on a tummy and even to sit down. That's it.


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