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How To Make Mason Jar Lights

Such handmade lamps can be used not only in a country house; it will easily match the interior of any room.

A Jar Light With Blue Glow

The first idea of transforming an old glass jar to a nice lamp is in some kind of nautical style.

You will need the following material to make it:

  • An empty jar of blue glass 300-500 ml.
  • A lamp holder.
  • Some colorful cable about 2.5 m. long

If you don’t have a blue glass jar you can paint blue an ordinary one. A good way to do it will be described in a separate article.

1. First, prepare the base of the lamp. Apply the lamp holder to the lid and circle it with a pencil or a marker. Cut out the circle. It will be easier if you make holes along the circle using a nail and then cut it out using a knife or scissors.

2. Twist off the nut and insert the lamp holder in the hole in the lid. Then fix it with the nut. Screw in a light bulb and close the jar with the lid. The jar light is ready.


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