Victoria Thompson

How To Draw The Batman Symbol

Step 1. In the center of a sheet of paper, we draw 2 perpendicular lines. These lines intersect at the angle of 90 oC. Pay attention to the fact that the horizontal line should be much longer than the vertical one. The vertical lines crosses the very center of the horizontal one.

Step 2. Now, we draw over the lines under the oval. Press the pencil a bit. It’s likely that you’ll erase and draw again on this stage a lot since the frame of the Batman’s symbol should be ideally even. We also should mention here that we’ll draw only symmetrical lines on all the rest stages.

Step 3. One more not that easy stage. Inside the oval, we draw one more oval, only, a smaller one. It should also be ideally even.

Step 4. From now on, it’ll be easier to draw Batman’s symbol. Inside the both of the ovals, we sketch the outline of the bat’s head and wings. If you orient yourself according to the lines drawn on the first stage, it won’t be hard to do.

Step 5. Now we round out the wings. They should be parallel lines of the symbol’s edge.

Step 6. With the help of a carved line, we draw the lower part of the bat till the end. We remind you here one more time that the silhouette of the bat as well as the symbol itself should be perfectly symmetrical.

Step 7. If you erase all the unnecessary lines, this is the final variant you’ll get.

Step 8. Frankly speaking, your symbol was already ready on the previous stage. Now, it’s time for painting it. You may do it in various ways. For example, you may cover it with black colour in a graphics editor programme, the way we did it.

You also may paint the symbol with the help of an ordinary soft pencil. In this case, we recommend you use a thick and intensive hatching technique. You’d better make several criss-crossed layers.


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