Virginia Stone

How to Make a Cardboard Guitar

This guitar is a DIY project fot your child. You can make it together, or after making it youself you can present it as a gift to your baby. This toy is beautiful, because it’s simple, safe and very creative. It’ll help to develop your child’s imagination and bring a lot of positive emotions to your family.

What is best, it doesn’t need any special material, except all you can find ant home.

Take these things:

Cereal box, spaghetti box, craft knife, rubber bands, glue, corks, straws, paints


1. Make a round hole in the cereal box. Paint both boxes with bright paints. Of course, you can leave their original looks, so your paper guitar will have special rock-n-roll style J

2. Take the rubber bands. Stretch them above the hole in the cereal box. Try to place them in the middle. Use glue to fix ends.

3. Stick the spaghetti box to the cereal one with glue. It’s the guitar neck. Add artificial ‘strings’ onto the neck.

4. Make 6 holes on the top part of the neck, 3 holes onto both sides. Put corks inside and glue well.

5. Cut a piece of straw long enough to place it under the rubber bands to create the bridge (this will help make a sound). Gluing is not necessary.

Here see the different variants of paper guitars and their appearances. Choose the one you love and do it yourself!


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