Julia Long

How To Make A Paper Football

For illustration purposes we will make both kinds of modules out of colored paper. To make a classical soccer ball we will need black pentagons and white hexagons. Fold paper in half long-ways. Each part will make different item types.

Fold paper rectangles in half long-ways. Pick the upper left end of the rectangle and bring it to the center fold. Make sure the crease starts from the lower left angle.

Fold the right side of the rectangle so that the top edge of the sheet lines up with the left crease. Turn the piece over. Now fold the right part of the piece so it lines up with the triangle’s right crease.

Unfold the stripe. Cut out two triangles.

Fold bent corners and mark the center of the triangle’s base. Fold the opposite corner to this point. Then open it back and fold the paper in half so the inside edges line up with the crease shown on the picture. Fold the right corner exactly as you did the first.

Then fold the remaining angle of the triangle and insert it under the first angle. Fold the three corners of the triangle to the center point. Now we have an hexagonal piece. It must be white.

Now we will make the second type of items. Divide the left stripe into three parts short-ways.

Each sheet will make one item. Fold the stripe long-ways. Fold the upper right corner diagonally down. Fold the remaining down part on the piece. Then open back the first fold.

Fold the white part over the piece. Turn the piece over. Fold the piece diagonally. Flip it through 180°. Fold the down right part so that the side edge lines up with the horizontal axis.

Open back the previous fold and fold the left part exactly as you did the right. Mark points of the crossing creases and folds on the down lateral sides of your piece. Fold each corner inward toward these points.

Insert the upper part of the piece into the “pocket” in the center. Once again fold corners to the previously marked points. Bend folded in half corners inwards. Now we got a pentagon.

We’ll need twenty white pieces and twelve black ones.

Insert the folded corner of the black piece into the white piece’s pocket. Then join other white pieces the same way. Repeat with white pieces. We need five white pieces joined to one black.

Go on and remember that one black piece must be attached to five white pieces. The soccer ball is finished!


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