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How To Make A Tutu

Every mother knows from her experience that a fluffy tulle tutu for a girl is not just a piece of clothing, but it’s also a dream of the magic fairy-tale world, where she could feel like a genuine princess.

It’s not difficult at all to give your daughter such a joy: some spare time, your fantasy, and you will become a true fairy godmother for your little Cinderella. You can easily puzzle out how to make a tutu for a girl, because in fact you won’t even have to sew too much.

A Homemade Tutu. Master Class And Photos

Cut 40-50 strips of tulle 20-30 cm wide and double longer than your desired tutu length. The narrow edges of the strips may be straight, oblique or even zigzag shaped.

Make a waistband of elastic and sew its ends together. Fix it any way you like; for example, put it on a pillow or on your own knee. A jar or a pan will do too.

Wrap each tulle strip around the elastic, so both ends of strips are of the same length.

You can tie the strips to the band or to sew them to it, the point is to do it firmly but not too much to let the band move.

Nevertheless, the most convenient and neat way to do it is to use a solid thin elastic to fix a strip together with the next one just like doing a backstitch.

When the band is completely hidden under the tulle strips, the only thing left to do is to spread the folds and give the skirt some volume.

Alternatively, you can tie them this way not tightening them too much:

Therefore, now you know how to make a no-sew tulle tutu for a girl for New Year, for matinee at kinder garden or at school, for fancy-dress ball, or for any other celebration.

Such homemade tutu can be made very quickly and easily, but if you want it to be a real masterpiece, you will have to decorate it properly.

Use some satin ribbons, some lace, some flowers of organza, leather or felt, some beads and sequins of different size, some feathers, and some natural or artificial fur.


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