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How To Make Dollhouse

The childhood – is the most wonderful and carefree time. It is time when it is possible and it is necessary to believe in miracles. And every parent seeks to make everything possible so that their child has lived this fine time as in the fairy tale. And nothing else but toy house for dolls made with your own hands will be able to bring this fairy tale in life. And if you also involve in process of its creation the child, then it will develop not only his imagination and fantasy, it will impart to the child such features of character as independence and diligence.

It is considered that only girls play dolls, but in one of the following master - classes you will be able to find a wonderful toy fire house for boys.

Lesson Of Creation Of A Doll House For Girls


  • 51 1/2 “ height 45” width 12 1/4" depth.

You will need:

  • 4 details - 1x12,8 feet;
  • 1 detail - 1x4, 4 feet;
  • 1 detail - 1x2,8 feet;
  • ¼’ sheet of plywood (width 45″ x 51 1/2″ height, cut out in shape of house. Vertical crossbars - 38 1/2″).
  • 2 inch. - screws;
  • 2 inch. - buller nails;
  • Glue for wood;
  • Wood stuff;
  • Grinding paper 120;
  • Coating;
  • Paint;
  • Brush.

Tools: the roulette, glasses and earplugs for protection, a drill, a circular saw, a trim saw, nailgun, the grinding machine.

Cut out:

  • A) 2 – 1×12,38 1/2″ (upper part, at the angle of 30 degrees).
  • B) 2 – 1×12,12″ (lower vertical crossbars).
  • C) 3 – 1×12,42″ (inside crossbars).
  • D) 1 – 1×12,17 1/2″ (upper crossbars, cut at the angle of 30 degrees).
  • E) 2 – 1×4,1 1/2″ (side prop).
  • F) 1 – 1×4,45″ (front prop).
  • G) 2 – 1×12,27 1/2″ (upper side at the angle of 30 degrees).

Measures for windows and doors

  • H) 6 – 1×2,4″
  • I) 4 – 1×2,4 3/4″
  • J) 4 – 1×2,10 1/4″

1: Cut out details, according to the measures given above. Orienting according to the chart cut off corners. If there are no other instructions, use 2 inch nails and glue, for connection of details.

2: Windows and doors (A). Orienting by the scheme, cut out doors and windows.

3: Windows and doors. At first build window and doorframes, as it is shown above, using 1 ½ nails. Then attach frames with the help of nails to the cut-out openings. If you prefer to paint frames and shelves in different colors, then you can attach frames at the end, after painting of the house.

4: As soon as you have finished working on the side A. We start working on the central part. Connect boards B and C with nails, as it is shown above. Then attach D to the top shelf. As soon as you have assembled parts B, C, and D, attach part A to them.

5: Use 1 1/2 ″nails, attaching the lower part, E, to part, A, as it is shown above.

6: Prop. We attach the front lower part F.

7: Roof. Fix the roof, as it is shown above. Fix part of the roof with nails.

8: Cut plywood and attach the construction of back part to it, using glue for wood and 1 1/2 ″nails.

9: Final stage. Fill in openings from nails with wood stuff, grind, ground and paint. And our house for dolls is ready for filling:


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