Morgan Henderson

How To Make A Lampshade

Before starting creation of this unusual lampshade be convinced that the stock of aluminum jars is rather big. The approximate quantity of details can be calculated proceeding from diameter of hoops which you have prepared for creation of the lampshade: on each 2,5 cm of diameter you need about 5 details. Separate an ear from a cover banks, shaking it, it won't be broken off yet.

By means of flat-nose pliers and a thumb bend each ear as it is shown on a photo below. The tilt angle makes about 20 degrees. Something will turn out like a clip out of which the lamp shade will be weaved.

Disconnect a lamp from a network, unscrew a bulb, prepare the top hoop for further work.

Take a ready clip and impose on a hoop exactly in the place of a bend. By your fingers bend it up to 90 degrees. When openings in an ear are combined, insert into them the flat screw-driver, having created thereby the lever, densely "wrap up" a clip around a lamp shade framework. The detail shouldn't dangle, in need of it it is possible to draw in accurately thin flat-nose pliers.

When in the work you approach cross details of a framework, don't try to bypass them, hanging ears on the sides from a spoke.

On the contrary, your task to fix a clip on a spoke. At already fixed detail make cuts on the thin side of an ear (that part which you lift fingers when you open a jar) and pass a frame spoke through a cut.

When finish the first row, postpone the same quantity of ready clips for the finishing number of your lampshade. All remained bent details need to be made an incision from thinner side.

Having made an incision an ear by means of side nippers, part the turned-out ends a little. Hang a detail on the first row, as shown in a photo below, and record it, having reduced the ends together.

Continue the work, don't reach the necessary height of the lampshade yet.

For creation of the last row (apart from the row strung on the lower hoop of the lampshade) you should work a little more over clips. Use nippers and make an incision thinner part of a detail as did it earlier, and also cut off thicker part of already bent ear from an aluminum jar as it is shown on a photo below.

Hanging of the lower hoop of the lampshade happens in two stages.

At first fix on a hoop clips as have made it with the top part of the lampshade earlier.

After all clips have taken the necessary form, remove them from the lampshade. Fingers unclench each detail that the corner approximately in 45 degrees turns out.

On each ear make a cut.

Attach the first detail to the last row as shown in a photo below.

Insert a hoop into a bend, squeeze a clip that it has densely clasped a hoop. If necessary it is possible to use flat-nose pliers.

When work is finished, it is possible to twist a bulb and to include a lamp.



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