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How To Make Moccasins

Moccasins are extremely popular today. We will try to show you how to sew fine couple of such footwear for small legs of your child. And if you look for a ready gift, then look at our little XHAND shop (for transition press here). So, let's start.

The Following Will Be Required To You:

  • piece of leather 60 x 30 cm;
  • template for a pattern of children's moccasin (it is possible to download here);
  • scissors;
  • a pencil, swept (for a skin marking);
  • thread;
  • thick needles capable to pierce skin;
  • thimble;
  • pins.


1. Print out a copy of the template for a pattern of a children's moccasin. Be convinced that you print it in a full size (without change of initial sizes). Then cut out them.

2. Put cut-out forms on the back of leather and put the marking.

3. Cut out all necessary forms from leather. Be convinced that you hold 2 sets (for 1 couple).

Do A Sole And A Heel Of The Moccasin

1. Take a leather oval, a rectangular blank and define their centers (for an oval — the center of a curve, for a rectangle — the center of the long side). Then combine the found centers and pin them that they haven't got off. Note that it is necessary to fix so that faces of leather blanks were faced to each other.

2. By means of pins continue to fix a rectangular leather strip to a leather circle, following its contour.

3. Take a needle and a thread and sew together leather details  by means of pins. Try to make a seam as close to edge as it's possible.

4. Turn a turned-out basis inside out. Bend an upper edge approximately on 1 cm on all length and fix it by pins.

5. Again take a needle and a thread and sew a curved edge, trying to make stitches as close to edge as it's possible.

Make A Sock Of The Moccasin

1. Take a leather small rectangle and the semicircle. Combine long edge of a small rectangle with direct edge of the semicircle and fix by pins. Note that it is necessary to have leather blanks as follows: the small rectangle fastens the back to the semicircle face.

2. Sew a leather rectangle to the semicircle, trying to make stitches as close to edge as it is possible.

Sew A Sock And A Heel Of A Moccasin

1. Turn out a sole and a heel of a moccasin so that the face was from above.

2. Develop a sock of a moccasin and apply it to a sole so that to combine semicircular parts. Pin them that they haven't crept away. Pay attention, attach so that the faces of semicircular parts have been turned to each other.

3. Sew semicircular parts with each other, following on a contour of an oval and having a seam as it is possible closer to edge. Don't sew a rectangular part.


1. Turn moccasins inside out that the leather face was from above.

2. By means of scissors cut a stripe on a small rectangle.

So that's it! One moccasin is ready. Repeat all operations and sew one more that couple has turned out. Now you can dress them to the child, present to relatives or leave at home as a decor!


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