Reagan Reynolds

How To Make A Rubber Band Bracelet By Hand

If you work without derivations, then in 5 minutes it is possible to make, at least, two bracelets because it isn't really difficult. How many it is possible to make in 20 minutes?


1. Take the first elastic band and twist it in the form of an eight / infinity sign. Pass two fingers through openings.

2. Put on two more elastic bands, but this time without overwinding them. For reference: it is necessary to put on three elastic bands fingers when you make loops for the bracelet.

3. Take the lower elastic band on the one hand and pass it between fingers. Make the same on the other hand.

4. Add one more elastic band, take the lower elastic band and pass it between fingers from above too.

5. Repeat these actions, the long strip from elastic bands won't turn out yet.

6. On fingers there have to be now two elastic bands so lift lower (don't add more elastic bands) and pass it between fingers again. On fingers there will be one elastic band.

7. Accurately put an elastic band in half, you can make simple knot.
Then attach a clip to the put or tied elastic band. Hook for it on other side.

8. Now you have a bracelet in the form of a fish tail!

9. It is ready.


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