Stella Bailey

How To Draw Koi Fish

Koi is a kind of carp, which is found in the East - in Japan. In Japan, kanji word has two meanings - "love" and "carp", therefore Koi fish has become a symbol of love and friendship. Koi fish is a popular tattoo. We'll show you how to draw it.

Your Actions

1. Draw the head, for it you need to draw a rounded triangle. Draw a circle inside.

2. Draw a large long oval, which begins in the upper right corner of the triangle. The oval should be gradually tapered off. This is the body of the fish.

3. Draw a tail in the shape of M at the end of the oval.

4. Draw two semicircles on the sides of the oval. Another small semicircle draw near the head. These are the fins.

5. Add detail, paint scales, barbs, shadows, etc.

6. Instead of straight lines draw scales on the body.


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