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How To Make A Ninja Turtle Costume

How to make with one's own hands a children's costume of a ninjia turtle. Despite the seeming complexity, it isn't difficult to make at all. In our article we will tell how to sew a costume of a turtle ninjia for your favorite  little person.

For a costume the following is required to us:

  • children's pijamas without drawing of green color;
  • yellow flannel;
  • piece of fabric of red color;
  • acrylic paint;
  • dye for fabric;
  • sewing needles and threads;
  • brown tape;
  • big form for roasting from a foil;
  • flypaper;
  • remains of a holofayber or synthetic winterizer.

Start our work:

The usual children's pijamas consisting of panties and a t-shirt with a long sleeve will become a basis of our costume. It is better for pijamas to take green color, but if that isn't available, then it is possible to paint any with costumeable dye for fabric.

Turtles ninjias are allocated with beefy torsos. To represent cubes of muscles, we will cut out an oval from a yellow flannel.

Sew an oval to a pered of our t-shirt, having laid three lines: one vertical and two horizontal. Thus, you will receive three "pockets" which you will fill with a synthetic winterizer or a holofayber for relief giving. Sew our oval on a contour – cubes of muscles are ready.

For strips on hands and legs take a bandana or any red fabric and cut out from it 5 strips 7,5 cm wide.

Sew strips on sleeves and panties, having laid a line in the center of each strip and having left the ends free – tie them later. It is necessary to sew strips on wrists, at the level of elbows and knees.

Then start the most important detail for a costume of a turtle ninjia – his armor. For an armor take a disposable form for roasting from a foil of the costumeable size and paint it with brown acrylic paint. To make an armor more impressive, it is possible to trace lines of a characteristic "turtle" coloring paint of green color.

Fix an armor by means of a belt which we will make of a piece of a brown tape. Make by means of a knife two openings in shape for roasting, pass throughout them the ends of a tape that it passed from above an armor.

In order that the armor reliably kept on a back,  record it by means of a flypaper. Paste one half of a flypaper to an armor, and sew the second on a t-shirt. Thus the armor will reliably keep on a back at our turtle ninjia, without sliding off.

Very important detail of a costume of a turtle ninjia is a belt buckle on which at each character with the first letter of his name is written. For a buckle of a belt cut out two circles with a diameter of 7,5 cm from an imprinted cardboard. Cut out the same circle from a usual cardboard and put it between two cardboard details.

Stick together all three details of a buckle together. Until our buckle dries, cut out an initial letter of a name of our turtle from an imprinted cardboard. Paste a letter in the center of a buckle.

Paste a buckle to one half of a belt. Under a buckle from a reverse side of a belt fix a flypaper half, and attach the second part of a flypaper to the soulmate of a belt.

Our costume is almost ready, it was necessary to add it with details: weapon and half masks. These attributes can be bought separately or also to make independently of improvised materials.


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