Josephine Jimenez

Origami Boat

A boat. From time immemorial, boats were made of wood and used for fishing. And a paper boat can be gone along a stream. If made accurately, such a boat is not likely to get wet, meaning that it will confidently drift along the spring stream. Making a paper boat is difficult at all, if you follow the simple instructions presented on the pictured scheme.

The Origami Scheme. A Boat Made Of A Sheet Of Paper

1. Fold the sheet of paper in two twice, and unfold back, in order to get a cross-like bend.

2. Fold the edges of the sheet to the centre across, as shown with the dotted lines.

3. Turn all the angles of the derived rectangular.

4. Fold the angles again along the dotted lines.

5. Press the blunt angles inside of the derived rhomb.

6. Turn the work piece inside out.

7. You have finished the construction of your paper boat!


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