Abigail Garcia

How To Make A Beer Pong Table

It’s really advisable for you to avoid drinking alcohol meanwhile making a beer pong table, especially when using electrical and sharp objects.


1. Put a board of plywood on the table and using a pencil mark the size of the table. Cut off the board of plywood according to the size of the table. With the help of clamps, fixate the plywood on the table. Polish the edges with the help of sandpaper.

2. On the bottom of the glass make a hole with the help of a nail. The hole should be made in the center of the glass. You should also expand it. This way you’ll be able to make pencil marks through this hole.

3. Use a gager's sounding tape and measure out the center of the table (along it’s length). Now take a pencil and draw a straight line along the center.

4. Set glasses on the places where they will be. Set the glasses in a triangle. The top of the triangle should get on the center line.

5. Having put the glass with the hole upside down, measure out the top of the triangle. Outline the place of the glass on the board of plywood. Do the same with all the rest glasses in a triangle. With the help of a ruler, measure out the distance between the base of the table and its top.

6. Do the same on the other side of the table, on the same measured out distance.

7. Measure out the bottom radius of the disposable plastic cups that you’re going to use. Insert a detachable cup into a drill. The diameter of the cup is much more bigger than the radius we measured out. Take the clamps off the plywood and set them so that the marks are not on the upper side of the table. (It’d be better if someone helps you with this)

- Drill a hole on the right side of the triangle. On this place there is going to be a glass of water.

- Once again, fixate the board of plywood with clamps and polish the edges with the help of sandpaper.

8. Repeat stage 7 on the other side of the table. When drilling try making the holes equal to the ones you have on the opposing side.

9. Put the board of plywood on something you are not feel sorry about if stained with paint. Colour the board.

10. Wait until the pattern you drew on the board dry thoroughly and fasten the board to the table again.

11. Nail the plywood down to the table. Colour the nail-heads.

12. Cover the plywood with polish. Give it time to dry and apply the second layer of the polish. This layer will protect your pattern if you accidentally spill beer.


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