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How To Knit Leg Warmers

Nowadays women legwarmers are in fashion. They have not only a practical function (warm your legs), but also an aesthetic look, as these accessories are very stylish and fashionable. This is true for DIY knitted women's legwarmers, too.

Tutorial «Knitted Legwarmers»

Cast on 52 loops.

Evenly divide them among three (or four, if you wish) needles.

Make the circle and start knitting the first row.

Knit the rib stitch 2 x 2 (that means 2 purl stitches alternate with 2 knit stitches, and continue till the end of the row).

Knit for 15 rows in this way.

Our legwarmers will be decorated with a pattern made as follows: transfer 26 loops on the middle needle and divide the other loops between two other needles (13 loops for each).

The first raw of the pattern is knitted using the scheme: 10 knits, 6 purls then again 10 knits.

The 2nd and all other even rows are knitted according this scheme, yarn overs are knitted using knit stitches.

The third raw: 6 knits, knit 3 stitches together through the front loop, yarn over, knit, yarn over, 6 purls, yarn over, knit, yarn over, purl 3 stitches together through the back loop, 6 knits.

This pattern is knitted on the middle needle; the two other needles are used to knit the rib stitch 2x2. This way your leg warmers will fit perfectly.

The photo shows how to knit stitches through the front loop.

Similarly knit stitches through the back loop.

Knit the odd rows from 5 to 11 as the third row introducing some changes. The number of edge loops decreases by one with each row (from 5 to 2), while the number of knits in the middle of the row, on the contrary, increases. This shift will create a lace pattern. Yarn overs and stitches knitted together will compensate each other, thus the number of stitches won’t change and the width of the leg warmers won’t differ.

Knit alternating pattern from the 3d to 12th rows until you have reached the desired length. Then continue rib knit 2x2.

Knit eight rows and bind off using knit stitches.

This was the approximate scheme of beautiful lace leg warmers. If you wish, you can decorate them with crocheted flowers; this will make them very special. Let's learn how to crochet flowers.

Use the yarn of the same thickness and texture that you’ve used for leg warmers, cast on 30 loops.

Then turn the knitting and bind off using purl stitches.

As the result, you will get a thin long knitted string.

Pleat it, forming the petals of the future flower. Try to make odd number of petals.

Now connect the internal corners of the petals (sew or staple with the same yarn). You can use a hook or a needle to do this.

You will have a nice small flower. Make as many flowers as you need to decorate your leg warmers, but not too much of them.

Neatly sew them to your leg warmers.

Decorate each flower with a matching bead.

These leg warmers can make a nice gift for your relatives. They look charming on small girls, and will keep your child warm. Girls with full legs should be careful about leg warmers and tight stockings, which visually "extend" legs making them look thicker. However, this effect can be reduced, if you know what to wear with leg warmers.


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