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How To Knit Fingerless Gloves

In order to knit fingerless gloves, you need:

  • White thread;
  • Five small spokes;
  • Large pin;
  • Scissors.

It would be better to use «ALIZE» yarn, which consists of 49% wool and 51% acryl. While choosing yarn for the gloves, it is also important to pay attention to its softness, because you need to feel comfortable while wearing gloves.

Master Class With Step-by-step Photos

Firstly, you should decide what size your fingerless gloves will have. The scheme of knitting gloves is adjusted to medium sized hands. For this purpose, collect 12 stitches on four spokes.

We should have 48 stitches in total. You should collect the stitches with 2 spokes, tight enough, so the elastic band will be dense and well sitting on your hands. When all the stitches are collected, tightly bundle the end of the thread and the thread itself.

Then, knit 17 rows with usual elastic band, consisting of 2 knit and 2 purl stitches.

When the elastic band is knitted, start to make the main pattern of the gloves. Starting a new circle, sew first 6 knit stitches, then purl 3, and 3 knit again. On the second spoke, knit all in reverse order - 3 knit stitches, 3 purl and 6 knit. On the other two spokes, all the stitches should be knit. In the next row, knit the stitches according to the pattern (repeat everything).

In the fifth row, you will do the first chamfer of the braid. To do this, knit 9 stitches as shown in the figure (6 knit and 3 purl stitches).

Then, put down the spoke with the remaining 3 knit stitches and sew 3 knit stitches immediately with the next spoke.

Next, put the remaining 3 knit stitches from its spoke on a nearby one.

Continue to knit the glove, starting from the transferred stitches. You need to swap parts of the braid. Knit the row according to the pattern.

You get a picture from the first side of the glove, and the second part has a front binding. Then, knit 7 rows according to the pattern, and do the chamfer of the braid again. That is how we knit the link of the braid.

When 4 chamfers of braid are made, leave a place for the thumb in the third row of the fifth braid. You will also make it on the last (the 4th) spoke for the left hand.

To do this, sew 4 knit stitches on the 4th spoke.

Remove the remaining 8 stitches on the pin and collect 8 chain stitches instead.

Then, continue to knit the fingerless glove according to the pattern, forming units of the braid and knitting the fabric with knit stitches.

You will knit the place for the right hand’s thumb on the third (penultimate) spoke. Start from removing 8 stitches and collecting chain stitches instead of them, knitting the remaining 4 knit stitches on the spoke.

You made 6 chamfers, knitted 2 half-braids in 4 rows (in the beginning and in the endend) and 5 full braids in total. Knit the same elastic band again. Next, knit 9 rows, then close the stitches.

Now knit the thumb. To do this, pull 10 stitches with a special hook - 8 chain and 2 stitches on the sides.

Divide the stitches into 6 on each spoke (3 spokes in total). Sew 7 rows with knit binding, further reducing it into two stitches. Knit 6 rows. Close the binding.

Fingerless gloves are ready! You can sew white beads or embroider the braids with transparent beads if you wish. Wear it with pleasure and be original.


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