Ryleigh Tran

How To Knit And Purl

These stitches are the basic for any knitting. Knit and purl stitches can be made in two ways. The first method is called English or grandmother's knit, the second method is a classical one. Let's have a close look at both of them.

Method 1. English

Like with knit stitch, simply pull the first loop to the right needle. For this purpose, insert the needle’s tip into the loop and pull out the left needle, leaving the loop on the right needle. Next, proceed to purl stitches. The yarn should be in front of the needles. Insert the right needle into the loop moving from right to left and then moving down and right insert the yarn into the loop and pull it off the left needle.

Method 2. Uses Classic Purl Stitches

The yarn should be in front of the needles. Pull the right needle moving from right to left. Its end is moving clockwise taking with it the yarn, which lies on the forefinger. Pull the loop through the stitch and pull it off the left needle.

English knit and purl stitches are more commonly used, as they are even and beautiful. Classical method is great for knitting elastic bands as it features dense and stretchy stitches. It is to note, that knit and purl stitches should be made in uniform manner, for example, if you use the English method to knit the first row, use it in purl stitches, too.


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