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How To Knit Socks

This type of work is often mistakenly referred to as the knitting on 5 needles. Although it is correct to say as follows: knitting is performed on 4 additional needles with the help of the fifth. When working in this way you need to spend a little more time than knitting by two needles. But it's worth it: these socks look better and better fit a foot.

Take the needed number of loops on 2 pairs of needles of middle thickness, as shown.

Distribute the loops on 4 needles — on each there should be the same number of loops.

Form a well out of needles, select the desired pattern and start knitting the cuff of the sock in circular manner. In this master class the ribbing is put in the cuffs of the socks.

After knitting the cuff start working on the top. It is necessary to knit the required number of strings by facial loops, also in a circular manner.

After completion of the top put aside the 3rd and 4th needles. On the 1st and 2nd needles start to knit the back of the heel by the same facial loops. Before the beginning of the first needle and at the end of the second needle add by one loop — later they will go to the edge seams.

Having knitted the needed number of strings for the height, start the form of the heel itself. Divide the number of available loops by 3: for middle loops and for 2 sides of the side loops. If the number of the loops is not divisible by 3, the remainder spread evenly on the sides or add to the middle loops — it all depends on which breadth and depth of heel you want to knit.

The last loop of the middle ones knit together with the first loop of the side ones. Open the knitting and repeat the action. Again open the article. Knit like this until the side loops run out. You must get a heel.

Put free edge loops on a 1st and 2nd needles equally. You choose yourself the number of loops. Begin to knit the foot in a circular manner.

Depending on the height of the heel on the 1st and 2nd needles there may be extra loops, by knitting the which you have the inlay of the instep. Make it even, gradually reducing the loops by the number, which is taken on needles 3 and 4.

Now knit in a circular manner until you get the desired length of the foot. Knitting should end around the middle of the big toe or the end of the little finger.

Knit the toes of the article the way you want. When you first sat down at the knitting, and do not know how it's done, use the same method of creating a toe as when working with 2 needles. Or knit a rounded toe:

The 3rd and 4th needles will form the upper part of the sock, the1st and 2nd — the lower one. Knit the 1st and 2nd loops of the 3rd needle with the tilt to the left, two last loops on the 4th needle – with a tilt to the right, thus reducing the loops. Repeat the same actions on the 1st and 2nd needles, to knit the top and the bottom uniformly.

When on each needle there are 5 loops, begin to diminish them in the same manner as the heel.

At the end of the work you should have just 4 loops. Pull the thread through them and secure. Or sew them together with sewing thread.

Your socks are ready! You can also use the thread of different colors to knit the bright version of socks.


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