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How To Knit A Baby Hat

A lovely and comfortable knitted baby cap is an irreplaceable piece of a child's clothing. Each craftswoman can make this article, but it is important to remember a child's skin is delicate and sensitive, therefore select threads of a good quality, even better a woolen or half-woolen ones, so that the child would be warmer. Knitting of a baby hat will not take much time, the main thing is acquiring materials for the work and focus on the scheme.

How To Knit A Model Of A Baby Hat With A Pattern

To knit a baby hat with a jacquard pattern, you will need threads of two colors, for example, white and blue, on the basis that the girth of the head is equal to 48 cm and the age of a child is 2-3 years, as well as circular knitting needles are of the N 4,5.

How one can knit a baby hat with knitting needles is clear due to the scheme: first one needs to make 73 stitches from the blue thread and join them into a ring, having knitting two extreme stitches together, then knit eight rows, alternating two knit stitches with two purls, then one should knit two rows of only knit stitches. To make a jacquard pattern, one needs to knit seven rows of knit stitches of blue threads, then one is to reduce the number of stitches.

To do this, one must divide all the stitches into four groups of 18 stitches in each one, having marked borders of groups with a thread of the contrast color. In each row, one is to knit two stitches together in front of the border and after it. When only eight stitches remain, one needs to draw them tight and attach from the back side of the hat. Also the hat can be decorated for example, with a pompom. How, to knit a model of a baby hat with flaps. Knitted baby hats with flaps will suit fine for a freezing weather in winter.

The knitting work will require the yarn of several colors, as well as knitting needles and a crochet. Because the knitted baby hat with flaps will be double, first, one needs to make the inner hat and then the external one of slightly larger extent than the inner hat.

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First of all, seven stitches must be made and one must make several rows, adding two stitches in each front row from each side. To get the flap element, one needs to knit the quantity of rows enough to get the top row consisted of 19 stitches, after which one may break a thread and knit similarly the second flap element.

But, after the second flap is knitted, the thread must not be cut, but one needs to make 10 stitches and knit in the way to join flaps. Then one is to turn over the product and continue to knit purl stitches, adding one stitch on every hat rim. Then one is to knit the necessary number of rows in accordance with the girth of a baby's head and start to knit the forehead part of the hat. To do this, one needs to make 16 stitches and knit a circle, there must be 72 stitches, 17 rows should be knitted according to this scheme.

After that, the number of stitches in each row should be reduced, separating all the stitches into seven wedges, and reduce the number of stitches in the beginning of each wedge. As soon as only four stitches remain on the needles, they must be tied with a thread. The outer hat is formed similarly, only the number of stitches is increased by two and it must be made a little bigger in height. Then the hats must be turned to the face, its edges must be joined and treated with a crochet. One can also decorate the hat with a pompom, laces or other elements.


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