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How To Knit A Scarf

In winter severe frosts and the cold wind give the most discomfort during walking and playing games with children on the street. To make sure your baby is not freezing, knit him up a very warm scarf. Honestly, when I knitted it up for my child, I realized: how warm can be a normal scarf, if you correctly will choose the yarn and pattern for a scarf.

Scarf Knitted With Needles For Beginners

You will need:

  • thread for knitting – 2 skeins of gray color and 1 skein of graphite color;
  • needles for knitting #4.

The ready scarf comes up with the following dimensions: length 102 cm, width 18 cm. By the way, it perfectly stretches: in length slightly less than half, and in width – about two times bigger. Thus it always maintains its shape.

How To Knit The Scarf With Needles

First of all, I want to say about the threads: this is natural wool thread (cashmere), they do not sting and warm well. Of course, you can select another option, but for some time now - it is my favorite yarn for knitting for a baby.

So make 50 loops on a needle.

Additional string knit alternately 1 face, 1 wrong side till the end of the string.

The next string should be knitted by the major design. For a warm scarf will do a slip stitch ribbing. It’s not hard to knit it. It is enough to visually or aurally to remember only one string and you will no longer need the pattern for a scarf. All face loops of a pattern we knit on a face side – i.e, as we see it – so we knit, and at once after the face side we make a yarnover. All wrong loops we take off from the needle by the wrong loop without knitting – that is make a changeover from the auxiliary needle to the working one. We use this principle in each string until we finish knitting.

To get a striped scarf, alternating light and dark thread as follows:

1. First gray color 32 strings. Do not be surprised that so many - visually the number of loops in a column height is exactly half.

2. Then we introduce into the work a dark thread and knit two strings of dark and light. Here, again, one row of each color will visually be alternating due to the specificity of the pattern. However, it gives an advantage over other designs for the scarf: the change of thread happens at one side, and the stripes come up thin in one string and original.

3. Next stage of stripes alternation – 16 strings by light and then by dark color. Here two thick stripes will come up.

4. Knit 52 strings by dark color.

5. The very middle of the scarf should be knitted by light thread. It comes up in 260 strings. Next for the symmetry of the pattern we repeat in the reverse order the steps from 4 to 1.

Then we close all the loops and the call for a fitting the beloved child!


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