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How To Knit Gloves

Gloves are very important and sometimes irreplaceable article of clothing in cold time of the year. The gloves must be thin for comfort and aesthetic beauty, and the pattern should be shallow, therefore, if you knit gloves for the winter, take wool threads and thinner knitting needles, the ones of the diameter 1,5 mm will be ideal, as for spring gloves: an ordinary acrylic or cotton threads will be enough.

How To Knit Gloves With Knitting Needles

In the given masterclass we will show you an example of knitting of women gloves for a slender hand. To make a bigger size, add the number of stitches in the base.

1. To start, one needs to calculate the number of stitches on a wrist. Make 55 stitches on four needles.

2. Start to knit a wrist with the rib pattern – three knit stitches, two purl stitches.

3. Knit 18 rows by a rib knit circle- wise– the wrist is ready.

4. After a ribbing, knit a half of stitches in knit ones, choose a pattern for another part. One can knit openwork gloves for the spring, in our case dense knitting is necessary, therefore the «plaits» pattern is shown as the example. Knit 5 rows in this way without changes.

5. Starting from sixth row, start to create a wedge for a thumb – set one stitch, at both sides of which you will add one stitch over every three rows. In this way, add 7 times, as a result of which, 14 stitches are added.

6. Shift 13 wedge stitches on a pin, and make 6 stitches behind for a strap and continue to knit the main part of a glove. Evenly remove two stitches over every two rows («a triangle» is got) and as a result, 2 stitches are left for the strap. There are 55 stitches left on the needles again.

7. Knit the basic part, periodically making fitting of the glove. Knit to the little finger, leave 7 stitches on one side and six - on the other one, knit the strap of four stitches– the base for the little finger is got.

8. Likewise, knit the bases for the ring finger and for the long finger. Having reached the index finger, knit all the remained stitches in circle, periodically fitting on the glove, knit a finger of a corresponding length.

9. Knit the middle finger, the ring finger and the little finger in the same way.

10. Now knit the thumb. The entire thumb is knitted with knit stitches without patterns. Remove stitches off the pin, make the rest of stitches along the edge, get 23 stitches in circle. Knit a finger of a necessary length.

11. To make the knitting of a glove processes more clear, one can use the following scheme:

12. The glove is ready made. In the same way, make the second glove only in mirror- like manner, and now frosts can not frighten you!

To knit man gloves, it is desirable to use thicker threads, but knitting must be very dense as in the previous case.


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