Esther Duncan

How To Knit A Hat

A hat is knitted quite easily and quickly. Even inexperienced knitter can knit a hat for one or two nights. Any pattern can be chosen, the one you like most (if you do not have enough experience in knitting, you can knit by stockinette stitch).

So, we choose the desired number of loops and start knitting the ribbing (1 face, 1 wrong and etc.). Number of loops depends on the thickness of the yarn, in this case - 100 loops.

Having knitted the desired width of the ribbing (here the ribbing is 4 cm wide), we start knitting the pattern (if you are just learning to knit, you can continue to knit by stockinette stitch).

Having knitted the desired length, trying the hat on, we start to diminish the loops (you can simply uniformly diminish the loops).

Such a soft hat is knitted.


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